Fashion Institute

About two months ago my girlfriend and I went to the Philippines for our annual physical. We take advantage of this time to get in a little R&R and visit family and friends and definitely some awesome cuisine! This time around I was asked to photograph some fashion designs from students at the Fashion Institute of the Philippines in Cebu, and of course I obliged. My girlfriend was obviously the model. Here are some photos from that shoot.


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the love shoot

I realize its a little late, but nonetheless I wanted to post it up on here.  I called it the Love shoot for obvious reasons.  Valentine’s Day falls in February ergo I did a shoot with everyone dressed in red.  But, all that being said enjoy the photos!


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I love my FUJIFILM X-Pro1

In the vernacular of the youth of today, O-M-G!!!… I LOVE my FUJIFILM X-Pro1.  It’s an amazing little camera!  I just bought another Fuji camera off a friend of mine another #devildog looking to upgrade his gear! and OH my word its a wonderful little cam!  I am finding myself bringing a camera everywhere I go now like I did when I first started shooting and taking pics of everything I see! =)  But before I go on and on and on, I’ll post some photos and you can enjoy the images as much as I do!


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My everyday and Christmas love!

So starting with this Christmas set, we that is my girlfriend and I are going to do a holiday set.  Every holiday that comes up we will do a themed shoot, so that’s practically every month! =)  Enjoy these holiday pics!



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a fond farewell to an awesome friend and great photographer!

Several weeks ago, I receive a frantic call from a friend that while on a shoot a friend of ours had a heart attack and that I should contact his family to inform them.  He was transported to the hospital and somewhere in the middle of being transported from one hospital to the next he passed.  Rich Ocampo will be a name I won’t soon forget.  He was a wonderful friend, full of faith, full of fervor and passion about everything he did.  Whether it was his photography, his religion or his passion for life, he lived it with a particularly easy and friendly demeanor and outlook on life.  So to honor him and his photography we held a photography event, and the theme was to recreate the style he was working with at the time a very dreamy, floral, hippie style that he accomplished very well.  Some of these photos are from that event and a few behind the scenes pics as well.    I recall a line from a movie I saw awhile back, the movie was called Serendipity and in it one of the characters played by Jeremy Piven, who writes obituaries says, ‘You know the Greeks didn’t write obituaries. They only asked one question after a man died: ‘Did he have passion?’.”  In my humble opinion everyday of his life Rich lived with passion!

2013-12-14 16.03.15-1_sm_.jpgDSCF1047_edit_sm_.jpgDSCF1050_edit_sm_.jpgDSCF1058_edit_sm_.jpgDSCF1060_edit2_sm_.jpgDSCF1060_edit3_sm_.jpgDSCF1075_edit_sm_.jpg

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Island Girl

The other day my girlfriend was asked to have photos submitted for a book that was being published.  Since we hadn’t shot in awhile we went out and did several photos island girl style.  These are some of those photos from the shoot.  These were all shot with my Fujifilm X100.


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Food, glorious food!

Okay, let’s face it we ALL love food especially me! Now that I have this x100 I have taken it EVERYWHERE with me especially my favorite eating places and oh GOOD lord its amazing to shoot with this little cam my favorite places to eat.  Japanese food, Mexican, Chamorro, Filipino even a good ole burger all renders wonderfully with this little cam!


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Fujifilm X100

The other day I purchased a second hand Fujifilm FinePix X100.  Like most purchases I immediately get buyers regret, especially when I make a purchase from an individual rather than a store especially if its been used.  I obviously don’t know if the person cared for it or not but because I have been fascinated with Fuji cameras for awhile I wanted to test one out and this was a minimal investment, so why not.  It has a fixed 23mm f/2 lens it is equivalent to a 35mm in a 35mm format camera.  First, the obvious is the slow focusing but since I’m not photographing moving objects this was a small issue.  So far after having it a couple of days, I would say that it was money well spent!  I think I may go ahead and spring for the X-Pro1 and start moving in that direction with my gear.  Its lightweight and for the photography I do, it seems almost perfect, almost because nothing is almost never completely perfect!  Here are some samples of random photos.  enjoy!


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she’s not so little anymore

As a birthday gift, my girlfriend and model Anna decided that it would be a wonderful thing to give her little sister the whole model treatment.  Makeup, hair, lights camera & model!  These are some of the results from that photo shoot.  Today she turns 19 and she’s not so little anymore.  enjoy!


ps she enjoyed the shoot and loved the photos!

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so many faces…

I love this iPhone. As the new updated versions come out the camera becomes better and better.  Obviously, my girlfriend does as well as the amount of “selfies” increases… but, really!? if you’re other half looked this good, would you REALLY mind the selfies?! =) So, that being said I wanted to share a few – some from my iPhone and some from hers! enjoy!

2012-03-12 21.12.16.jpg2012-03-16 16.37.10-1.jpg2013-08-16 20.41.15.jpg2013-09-19 21.10.45.jpg2013-09-21 09.31.59.jpg2013-09-21 20.53.30.jpg2013-09-22 19.44.09.jpg2013-09-29 23.46.30.jpg

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